Arise is a mini printer that will brighten your day by printing little notes or even images sent by members of your family or your closes friends. For this fictional project made during our Arduino workshop at Gobelins, I was in charge of the branding & visual identity with Nicolas Loureiro. We worked with 3D illustrations but with a 2D feel in order to give the printer a friendly soul.


Graphic design
Motion design


Graphic design
Motion design


Nicolas Loureiro — Graphic design, UI
Benjamin Gammaire — Development
Quentin Tshaimanga — Development

s e l e c t e d — w o r k s

Reel 2019Project type

Bon Voyagev i d e o — g a m e

Ladybugd e s i g n — m o t i o n

Go for Goodd e s i g n — m o t i o n

26 days of songs3 D — M O T I O N

Mechanicals t y l e f r a m e s

Merry LaneS T Y L E F R A M E S

Forbidden snacks3 D — M O T I O N